25 Aug 2017

August 27, 2017 CHURCH NEWS

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Appreciation to Rev. Charlie Chun from South Vancouver PG for allowing God to use you today to breathe life through His word.

A Candidate of Cantonese Pastor has been recommended to Deacon Board by CPSC and accepted after an interview, his resume has been posted on bulletin  board.

2018-2019 Preliminary Deacon Nominees The Deacons Nomination Committee (Rev. Xavier, Geraldine Lai, Leon Tam, Ida lam & Alan Chiu) currently has NO Preliminary Nominees. To give the congregations extra time to invite the candidates, terms and dates have changed:

  • There are five deacon vacancies for the term.
  • Church members may submit nominations in writing to the Nomination Committee by 9/10, but do not contact the nominee. Each nomination should be signed by 2 members in accordance with the Guidelines for Deacon Nomination (found on the admin bulletin board). All nominations must be accepted by both the Committee and the nominees before they are listed.
  • The final list will be announced and ballots distributed on 9/17. Ballot counting takes place on 10/1 and results announced on 10/8.

2018-2019 Departmental Chairpersons Appointment May we respond to God’s calling and serve with the gifts granted to us.

Antioch Church Rental Agreement with PG will be ended by today.

Sunday School Today Join us in discovering the truth @11:45pm.

Adults: Room A8 | High School: Room A10 | Youth: Room A13.

Prayer Meetings We need vision from the Lord. Come pray together!

Sunday @9:15 (room A12) | Tuesday @7:30pm (room A10)


8/20 – 9/3    Register for the 9/10(Sun) Community & Welcome Lunch at 1pm in the Gym. Free for newcomers or children under the age of 4. $4 for ages 4-12 and $6 for ages 13 and above. $10 flat after 9/3. Pastors and leaders are encouraged to join.

9/10(Sun)    Family Chat 11:45am in A8. Share your ideas and concerns! Questions so far: 1. Installation of air-con. in the sanctuary 2. What if no pastors are available? 3. What if there’s a shortage of deacons?

9/2810/2    Prince George Short Term Mission has been cancelled due to insufficient applicants.

9/30(Sat)      Plan to Protect Training @2-4pm. Mandatory for all volunteers who minister and work with children, youth and seniors. The APS committee is committed to ensuring the safety of our church family, and this training is an important step in abuse prevention.

10/8(Sun)    Thanksgiving Baptismal & Membership Ceremony If you want to be baptized or apply for church membership, please contact Rev. Xavier.  Luncheon Meeting interview with Deacon Board on 9/17.

10/29(Sun) Cantonese Gospel Sunday Service. 美麗傳奇is leading the Praise & Worship and小金子will share. Your family and friends are welcome to come.

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