8 Dec 2017

December 10, 2017 CHURCH NEWS

Posted by Joanna



Thank you to Pastor Cross Chan for allowing God to use you today to breathe life through His word.

English Youth Pastor The Deacon Board recommend a candidate to the congregations as English Youth Pastor who has preached on 12/3 in English Service. His resume will be posted on the notice board. You are welcome to send suggestions to the Deacon Board before 12/17 for employment consideration.

Mission Pledge As at 12/3 we received 29 pledge cards with a total pledge of $28,980; 21 to be prayer warriors, 9 plan to go STM, 2 consider theological studies and 1 praying for full time ministry.

2017 AGM Handbook are available on at foyer. Praise the Lord that over 50+ attended, expressing heartfelt suggestions. All Agenda were passed. The Deacon Board will discuss all issues and Minutes will be post soon.

2018 Flower Dedication sign up sheet has been post on bulletin board. $30/date by offering with an envelope checking “Flowers” and your name on.

2017 Reimbursement Vouchers Cut-Off Day is 1/7/2018. Leaders please send your signed vouchers with receipts to Joanna Li ASAP. After 1/7 all will be counted as 2018 expenditures which need the new leaders’ approval.

Sunday School: Adults: Rm A8 | High School: Rm A10 | Youth: Rm A13.

Prayer Meeting Tuesday @7:30pm (Rm A10)


12/12(Tue) Christmas Dinner for 35 East Van families in partnership with VUM (myvum.ca). Thanks to the English Congregation, Joy Fellowship, members from Righteousness & Temperance, PG & VCS kids for volunteering.  May Him be glorified. 

12/15(Fri)    Bakrs Family will attend a Christmas celebration in Arabian Church with Rev. Xavier.  Pray that they can enjoy and love and joy.

12/16(Sat)   Awana Shadow Play starts 7:30pm. All non-churched kids are welcome for the Good News.

12/17(Sun)  Mandarin Christmas Pot-luck (6pm) & Candle Night all Mandarin speaking no-churched friends are welcome.

12/24(Sun)  Joint Christmas & Baby Dedication Service If you have child under the age of 2 and would like to dedicate to the Lord in the presence of our church community, please contact the pastors.

12/25(Mon) Urban Ministry Rev. Xavier and some English members will serve the homeless at East end. Please pray for the ministry.

2018            Cantonese Youth Fellowships The Truth will be merged to Righteousness.  Please pray for the adjustment and bring you friends in for fellowshipping.

                    AV & IT Departments have set up professional teams to support in AV equipments and techniques while the IT team in computers, web and user suppor. Praise the Lord that the English and Chinese congregations serve together with gifted talents.

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