15 Apr 2011

Ghana 2011 STM Team Newsletter #1

Posted by Joanna

  • Commissioning Prayer on April 24 (Easter Sunday), in both joint services before sending them to Ghana 4/29–5/20.
  • Cookie Sale on April 24 (Easter Sunday) to raise funds for the 4 youths (Daniel, Ian, Jeffrey and Maggie) who do not have full-time jobs. Participate in this ministry by supporting them financially.
  • Financial Situation: It costs $2,500–3,000/per person. To support the them, please make cheques payable to “Chinese International Missions (Canada)” noting a team member’s name or “Supporting PGMBC STM Team to Ghana”. An official receipt for tax return will be issued by CIM (Canada).
  • To receive the team’s daily updates during their trip, please email Mimi to be added to the email list.

Team Member Prayer Requests

  • Bernard Tong
    1. Expectations: I hope after this trip, I will become a humble servant, learn to be a good listener, carefully evaluate other’s needs, and serve with great attitude.
    2. Pray for the safety of our trip.
    3. Pray for my dear wife and daughter, while we are out of town.
    4. Pray that our Lord will be exalted in all the places that we are going to visit.
  • Daniel Chan
    1. Expectations: It will be more about planting Christianity’s seeds. As we’re staying only a few weeks over there, if we can increase the number of local people who believe in Jesus Christ, they will enlarge and expand the kingdom of God more quickly and efficiently from inside, than just missionaries coming from the outside. And lastly, I’m really looking forward to understand more about what God wants me to do in his way.
    2. Increase my patience – As I know high temperature will cause me to become subconsciously impatience.
    3. Wisdom – As I really hope to bring the good message to more people so that they know Jesus is the only one who loves us so much.
    4. Health – I’ve heard a bite from a little creature (bug) can be critical, as well as using unclean water for drinking or cooking.
  • Elaine Chan
    1. The safety of the trip
    2. My spiritual growth and experiencing God in the trip ministry
    3. My learning & flexibility in cross-cultural ministry
  • Ian Lau
    1. Expectations: The STM Ghana trip is an excellent opportunity for me to take it a step further as I prepare myself for missions in foreign places and cultures (very possibly Muslim ones). I expect the trip to be exciting, challenging, and fulfilling. We’ll stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones and across cultural boundaries. We’ll learn a lot about God and his great work in Ghana. We’ll play a part in his plan for the people of Ghana. How exciting! I look forward to serving with other brothers and sisters in Christ.
    2. Myself to be spiritually and physically prepared
    3. More people to know and pray for God’s work among Ghanaians
    4. Our team to be fully equipped and supported (training, teamwork, finances, prayers, etc.) for the work ahead that God has planned for us
  • Jeffrey Tong
    1. Pray for a safety during the Short-Term Mission and also the travel to and from Ghana.
    2. Pray for God to provide the wisdom, strength and physical health to the Mission’s Team.
    3. Pray for the villages that we will be visiting, and that God will prepare their hearts for our arrival.
  • Maggie Tsang: Our God is great and awesome. For the past two months, God equipped me and provided me very good training before this STM. He gave me an opportunity to serve Him in Children’s Worship. I have learned a lot from my teammates, Pastor Teresa and even the children. I experienced God through His mentorship.
    1. Expectations: I expect my pure time with God. I also expect growth. Growth in me, my teammates, and the communities we will visit. I expect there will be times I will cry out to God in emotion (sadness, hurt, fear, hope and joy). Last, but not least, I will definitely expect the UnExPeCted. I am looking forward to this trip and learn about the struggles of a people so deprived yet so happy and free. Hopefully, I will come back filled with joy and inspiration to make a difference in my life and the people around me.
    2. Pray for my health in Africa
    3. Utilizing with what I’ve learnt in Children’s Worship in the past 2 months
    4. Discover my spiritual gifts in the trip so that I may continue serving God in His way
  • Vincent Chan
    1. Expectations: Better understanding of what STM is all about, learn to listen and obey God, self discovery of both strengths and weaknesses, set a good example for others to follow and to challenge their boundaries in serving our Lord.
    2. My health, as I am diabetic
    3. My family, as this is my first time leaving behind my family for a long period of time; my daughter Samantha, as she might not understand why I am doing this, hoping this event would strengthen her faith; my beloved wife, Gloria, as she has to look after everything while I am gone and her 200% believing in me and our All Mighty Lord!
  • Rev. Xavier Law
    1. Expectation: Experience the power of prayer!
    2. Teamwork and my leadership as team leader and pastor
    3. Have the spiritual power and wisdom to preach and teach
    4. Be creative in sharing the gospel and personal evangelism
    5. Family: my two young children and wife

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