2 Sep 2011

I Met My Lord Jesus on the Soccer Field – A Testimony

Posted by Joanna

Our week-long Kids’ Soccer Camp has passed. I am physically very tired. By contrast, my spirit is still uplifted emotionally. The main reason: I met my Lord Jesus during this event.

I have seen my Lord Jesus in all the AIA coaches and assistant coaches of our church. In the morning, they gathered together an hour early for the camp, doing devotion and praying for God’s wisdom and guidance. Every day after camp, they spent an hour debriefing to assess and plan for further improvement. They put the needs of the children first. Besides training soccer skills, they also used biblical principles to teach them how to face the challenges of life. On the last day, one of the campers’ mother was touched to the point of tears and said to me, “Ever since I moved to Canada, the soccer coaches are the only people who have shown love to my daughter…”

We have young people who used one of their two remaining summer weeks to serve in this camp. We have a couple serving faithfully together in various capacities. Furthermore, they did not just sacrifice their week long annual vacation to serve but also provided daily transportation for three non-church kids to the camp. There were mature male adults who endured physical pain and played soccer with the kids for five consecutive days. There was a sister who worked overtime in order to get a day off to serve in the camp. There are people who came back and forth four times each day to assist in the check-in and -out of campers. We had sisters who prepared snacks for campers and lunch for over 20 volunteer workers. We also had families who provided accommodation and hospitality to the coaches. I had a real encounter with my Lord Jesus through these brothers and sisters and experienced what John 4:12 says, “No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”

I recall the recent riot in Vancouver due to the Canucks losing in the Stanley Cup finals. I am disappointed that Vancouver Canucks fans could not face failure. Why can’t the Canucks fans celebrate their team getting second place? In North American sports culture, much importance is placed upon being the “number one champion”, driven by potential tickets sales northward of $200,000. God showed me hope through the Soccer Camp. We can still impart a positive influence to our next generation if we do not just be a backseat driver but actively participate in displaying real sportsmanship to the younger generation.

There were a total of 59 campers, with over 20 of them from our community; 20 were invited by friends, and 18 were from our church. Please pray that the message of God that the kids received in the camp will benefit them eternally. I hope that you will consider joining us to serve next year and encounter our Lord Jesus together!

– Rachel Vong

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