8 Jul 2011

My Journey through AWANA

Posted by Joanna

Leona So
At 5-years-old I joined AWANA. As a child I loved the shares that I could scarcely save up for that big prize I desired, the exciting games, the time spent with my leaders and the friends I met with wide smiles. Now, at 17-years-old, I still love AWANA, but it is no longer only for the games, the shares, the leaders or the friends alone. AWANA has fit itself within me as a part of who I am when this program showed me who created me, loves me, protects me, forgives me, DIED for ME. AWANA was the cement that firmly pasted the bricks of Jesus together as my foundation in life.

Yes, I got tired of repeating again and again the same verses, but unconsciously AWANA snuck these key verses to my heart and they are always with me, always reminding me that God is there, that he WANTS me, and I am not alone. Although I am only at the young age of 17, these years growing up have definitely had its downfalls. I have felt heart break, disappointment, fear, loneliness and loss. This program not only helped me by encouraging me through verses but by the close friendships I developed with the clubbers and leaders.

In my early teens, I recognized the utter importance of my AWANA friends, as they too snuck themselves deep into my heart, and they made me who I am. Their strong support, love, and reminder of what we BELIEVE have made all the difference in the world to me, and I thank God everyday for them.

As I cried, laughed, played, learned and fellowshipped with my friends and leaders, God found a way into my heart as well, and through these years, I have surely grown. From accepting Christ as my saviour at 5 in Cubbies to now has been a difficult but amazing journey. God has helped me so much, more then I can ever comprehend, and because of the inspiring faith of my leaders, the support of my friends, and the drilled in verses I KNOW God is here. HE is here in the world among us, weeping for our foolishness, and changing hearts all over the world.

At 17-years-old I finish AWANA as a clubber, and now as a young adult, I love AWANA for the people who support me in prayer and faith, the verses that aid when I need it most, and the ONE and ONLY merciful, loving, forgiving God our Father.

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