10 Jun 2011

One Heart, One Purpose

Posted by Joanna

Ever since I became the coordinator of the Summer Camp, I have been thinking, “As a Christian, how should I serve to please God?”

The church is like a large family with many members; everyone is different in age, language, background, lifestyle, preferences, temperaments, and so on. With so many different brothers and sisters gathering together to serve, how can we work together in harmony and get things done? If we can’t do both, then should we get things done first, or put our relationship with our partners first?

As time goes by, I’ve come to see more than just harmony in the church, and hear more than just singing in chorus. Often because of the relationship between members, some have shied away from serving, the fire in their hearts no longer fervent, or they would just passively wait for others to care about them.

Since the church is also a part of our society, it seems normal to see Christians affected by the world and embrace such thoughts and deeds in the church. But as we open the Bible and ponder over the Word of God, let it remind us the teachings of Jesus our Lord.

With His incomparable love, God came to us who were sinners but are now blessed with His forgiveness. He does not want us to spread His gospel with only our mouths; rather, He wants us to love the world out of His love for us, and our love should first be expressed among us Christians. Through whose who believe in Him, God shows the world that, by faith and because of love, these sinners who are no different from them get to know one another, become friends with one another, and even love one another. They are united in love, serving each other and working together for the sake of the gospel.

As we serve the Lord with gladness this way, He will surely be pleased!

May the Spirit of God guide us all to receive abundantly in the camp and bear fruits of blessing. Amen!

In Christ,

Steven Li

2011 Summer Camp Chairperson

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