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English Sermon Recordings

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Date Title Scripture Speaker AudioDownload
2015-05-03 Dealing With Adversity Psalm 143 Pastor Jim Cheung mp3
2015-04-26 The Encourager Acts 4:36 Pastor Matthew Todd mp3
2015-04-19 Gifts of Grace Romans 12:3-8 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2015-04-12 Gospel Discernment Romans 12:1-2 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2015-04-05 Experiencing Resurrection John 11:25-26 Pastor Fiona Kan mp3
2015-03-29 Becoming Good-News People n/a Pastor Bill Hogg mp3
2015-03-22 Gospel Renewal Romans 12:1-2 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2015-03-15 Christian Spirituality in a Post-Christian Culture Romans 8:1-7 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2015-03-08 Gospel Worship Romans 12:1-2 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2015-03-01 Gospel Transformation Romans 12:1-2 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2015-02-22 Following God Numbers 13:1-14:10 Pastor Matt Johnson mp3
2015-02-15 Choosing the Good Portion Luke 10:27 & 38-42 Pastor Venus Ho mp3
2015-02-08 Dry Bones Ezekiel 37:1-14 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2015-02-01 James:Prayer James 5:13-18 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2015-01-25 Who Is Your Example In 2015 Matthew 14:13-18 Rev. David Chan mp3
2015-01-18 The Lord Is My Shepherd Psalm 23:1-4 Pastor Jonathan Lyonhart mp3
2015-01-11 James: Patience James 5:7-11 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2015-01-04 Five Steps for More Abundant, Fulfilling Life in 2015 Luke 18:35-42 Phil Ho mp3


Date Sermon Series Title Scripture Speaker AudioDownload
2014-12-28 Reflections Zephaniah 3:17 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-12-21 God Came Near Isaiah 9:2-7;Psalm 96;Titus 2:11-14;Luke 2:1-21 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-12-14 Out of Your Comfort Zone Acts 9:1-20 Missionary Sabrina Bach mp3
2014-12-07 Advent Isaiah 40:1-11 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-11-30 Campernaum’s Sweet and Sour Fish (A Galilean Favorite) Matthew 17:24-27 Rev. Matthew Todd
2014-11-23 Pass It On Romans 10:8-15 Rev. Isaac Quan mp3
2014-11-16 James: Plans James 4:13-17 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-11-09 Orphans James1:27;Deut 10:18; Gal 4:5-6 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-11-02 Honoring God Exodus 1:15-22 Pastor Venus Ho mp3
2014-10-26 James: Words James 3:1-12 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-10-19 Faith and Works James 1:14-26 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-10-12 Thanksgiving Challenge 1 Thessalonians 5:14-18 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2014-10-05 Alive with Christ Colossians 2:6-8 Rev. William Leung mp3
2014-09-28 James: On True Religion James 1:19-27 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-09-21 God’s Providence… to those who feel He’s inactive Psalm 88 Pastor Matthew Todd mp3
2014-09-14 James: On Temptation James 1:13-18 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-09-07 James: Seeking Wisdom James 1:5-8 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-08-31 Learning to Let Go Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2014-08-24 James: Trials James 1:1-4; 12 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-08-17 What Keeps Us Going? II Corinthians 4:7-18 Missionary Ian Lau mp3
2014-08-10 Thirst Psalm 63 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-08-03 Transformation by God Romans 12:1-2 Pastor Venus Ho mp3
2014-07-27 Family as a Church Ephesians 5:18b-6:4 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-07-20 Lean Not on Your Own Understanding Proverbs 3:1-6 Trever Godard mp3
2014-07-13 A Community For the Gospel 1 Peter 2:11-17;Acts 2:42-47 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-07-06 A Community of the Gospel Acts 2:42-47 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-06-29 A Community Formed Through the Gospel Acts 2:41-47 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-06-22 A Community Formed by the Gospel Acts 2:29-41 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-06-15 The Story of the 10 Lepers Luke 17:11-19 Pastor Dave Jonsson mp3
2014-06-08 The Risen Christ Luke 24:1-10 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-06-01 The Cross: Finding Hope Romans 5:1-11 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-05-25 Roots of Faith & Walking Trees Colossians 2:6-7 Alistair Turkington mp3
2014-05-18 The Folly and Wisdom of the Cross 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-05-11 The Cross Luke 23:32-49 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-05-04 Survival or Revival Psalm 143:1-12 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-04-27 Abused and Accused Luke 22:63-71 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-04-20 New Life At This Moment Luke 9:22-27 Pastor Stephen So mp3
2014-04-13 Who is this man? Who Jesus is and do you believe it? Matthew 21:1-11 Pastor Matt Johnson mp3
2014-04-06 Jesus the Weeping King Luke 19:28-44 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-03-30 Call and Response Luke 18:35-19:10 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-03-23 The Christian Kung Fu Matthew 10:16-20 Pastor Justun Chan N/A
2014-03-16 A Humble Kingdom Luke 18:1-17 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-03-09 Holiness and the Call of the Levites Numbers 3:1-13 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2014-03-02 The Hidden Kingdom Luke 17:20-21 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-02-23 Lessons for Disciples Luke 17:1-19 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-02-16 An Exhortation to Husband and Wife Ephesians 5:21-33 Pastor Jim Cheung mp3
2014-02-09 When Doubting Is Good John 20:1-8 Pastor Andrew Cheung mp3
2014-02-02 Trading Places Luke 16:19-31 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-01-26 Lost & Found Luke 15:1-10 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-01-19 Curing Our Hurry Sickness Luke 10:38-42 Pastor David Wood mp3
2014-01-12 The Cost of a Life Luke 14:25-35 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2014-01-05 A Banquet of Grace Luke 14:1-24 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
Date Sermon Series Title Scripture Speaker AudioDownload
2013-12-29 Calling All Servants Luke 17:7-10 Ian Lau mp3
2013-12-22 Emmanuel Luke 2:1-21 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-12-15 Advent: Love All Phil 2:1-11; Matt 25:34-40 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-12-08 Spend Less, Give More Luke 12:22-34 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-12-01 The Seventh Commandment Matthew 5:27-30 Rev. Kum Seng Fang mp3
2013-11-24 Advent: Worship Matthew 2:1-22; Luke 8:8-20 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-11-17 No Limits Living Romans 8:37-39;Ephesians 3:20-21 Pastor John Wiens mp3
2013-11-10 Little Seeds, Big Trees Luke 13:18-21 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-11-03 We Are All Orphans James 1:27, Isaiah 1:17 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-10-27 Become a Disciple Mark 1:14-20;2:13-17;8:34-38 Rev. Kum Seng Fang N/A
2013-10-20 The Master’s Return Luke 12:35-48 Pastor Keith Cheung N/A
2013-10-13 Thank God For You! Romans 16:1-16 Rev. Xavier Law N/A
2013-10-06 Treasures Luke 12:13-34 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-09-29 Trusting Luke 12:1-12 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-09-22 One Thing Is Necessary Luke 10:38-42 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-09-15 What’s Your View of a Hometown Prophet? Matthew 13:53-58 Pastor Matthew Todd mp3
2013-09-08 Science and Faith Are Not Enemies Psalm 19 Pastor David Wood mp3
2013-09-01 At the Center of the Universe Palm 8 Pastor Raymond Seetoh mp3
2013-08-25 Following Jesus Luke 9:23-27 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-08-18 When God Doesn’t Answer Prayers Luke 11:1-13 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2013-08-11 Transitions: Milk to Solid Food Hebrews 6:1-2 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-08-04 Worship Psalm 122 Pastor Matt Johnson
2013-07-28 Let’s Go Cliff Diving Matthew 14:22-33 Rev. Jim Cheung mp3
2013-07-21 No Looking Back! Luke 9:57-62 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2013-07-14 Jesus Sends Luke 9:1-6; 10:1-24 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-07-07 Jesus People: Healthy Interdependence Acts 20:22 Jon ImBeau mp3
2013-06-30 The Good Soil Luke 8:4-18 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-06-23 What Is That In Your Hand Moses? Ex.4:1-4,17,20 Trever Godard mp3
2013-06-16 Jesus Forgives, We Worship Luke 7:36-50 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-06-09 God Is On a Mission, and So Should We Exodus 3:7-17 Pastor Chris Throness N/A
2013-06-02 Faith in the Unseen Luke 7:1-10 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-05-26 A Kingdom of Love Luke 6:27-36 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-05-12 Challenges Faced on the Field Deuteronomy 4:5-8 Missionaries A & P mp3
2013-05-05 Beatitudes and Woes Luke 6:20-26 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-04-28 Jesus Eats With Sinners Luke 5:27-32 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-04-21 Weakness 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 Pastor Matt Johnson mp3
2013-04-14 Jesus Calls Disciples Luke 5:1-11;27-32 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-04-07 Freedom in Jesus Luke 4:31-44 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-03-31 Dead to Sin, Alive to God Romans 6:1-14 Rev. Xavier Law N/A
2013-03-24 Jesus’ Mission Luke 4:16-30 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-03-17 The Temptation of Christ Luke 4:1-13 Missionary Jon Lim mp3
2013-03-10 Abiding in His Love John 15:1-11 Pastor Raymond Seetoh mp3
2013-03-03 The Struggle of Sin 2 Samuel 11:1-17 Rev. Jim Cheung mp3
2013-02-24 The Heart Controls Everything Mark 7:1-23 Pastor Chris Throness N/A
2013-02-17 How I Can Serve God & Help China Eccl. 3:14 Rev. Matthew Todd N/A
2013-02-10 Repentance Luke 3:1-17 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-02-03 Where Has Jesus Gone? Luke 2:21-40 Pastor Sherman Lau N/A
2013-01-27 Jesus’ Birth & God’s Sovereignty Luke 2:1-7 Pastor Keith Cheung N/A
2013-01-20 Joy in Humility Luke 1:39-56 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2013-01-13 Healthy Leaders Lead Healthy Churches 1 Tim 5:17-25 Pastor Raymond Seetoh mp3
2013-01-06 Eyewitnesses Luke 1:1-4 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
Date Sermon Series Title Scripture Speaker AudioDownload
2012-12-30 I Seek the Lord Psalm 77 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-12-23 The Word Became Flesh John 1:14-18 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-12-16 What Jesus’ Birth Means For Us Luke 1:67-79 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-12-09 Are You Wheat or Tare? Matthew 13:24 Pastor David Swan mp3
2012-12-02 Galatians (13) Boasting in the Cross Galatians 6:11-18 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-11-25 Galatians (12) The Spiritual Life in Community Galatians 6:1-10 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-11-18 Mission Conference Sunday Greg Ouellette mp3
2012-11-11 Be a Missional Church Psalm 127 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2012-11-04 The Solution to First-World Problems Matthew 19:13-26 Pastor Andrew Cheung mp3
2012-10-28 Call To Me Jeremiah 33:3 Rev. Jim Cheung mp3
2012-10-21 Galatians (11) A Life in the Spirit: Freedom and Love Galatians 5:1-26 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-10-14 Galatians (10) Christ Has Set Us Free Galatians 5:1-11 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-09-30 MB Confession of Faith: Article 18 “Christ’s Final Triumph” Living With the End in View 2 Peter 3:3-14 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2012-09-23 Galatians (9) How Can You Go Back? Galatians 4:8-11 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-09-16 The Blind Man Who Could See Mark 10:46-47 Pastor David Swan mp3
2012-09-09 A Calling For Life Exodus 2:1-10 Larry Mori mp3
2012-09-02 Galatians (8) Adoption: Sinners To Sons Galatians 3:25-4:7 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-08-26 Searching For Meaning Ecclesiastes 2:1-18 Rev. Jim Cheung N/A
2012-08-19 MB Confession of Faith – Article 17 “Christianity and Other Faiths” Showing the Only Way Humbly John 3:13-21 Dr. Marcus Tso N/A
2012-08-12 Galatians (7) Curse To Blessing Galatians 3:10-14 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-08-05 Galatians (6) Faith and the Gospel Galatians 3:1-9 Pastor Keith Cheung N/A
2012-07-29 Galatians (5) Christ Lives In Me Galatians 2:15-21 Pastor Keith Cheung N/A
2012-07-22 A Memorandum To the Gospel Mark 14:1-9 Soo Loh NA/
2012-07-15 MB Confession of Faith: Article 16 “Work, Rest, and the Lord’s Day” Sabbath: Holy Rest For You Exodus 20:8-11 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2012-07-08 Why AWANA? Matthew 28:18-20 Chad Hooker mp3
2012-07-01 Galatians (4) Putting My Version of the Gospel to Death Galatians 2:11-21 Rev. John Tsang mp3
2012-06-24 Love Your Neighbour Matthew 22:15-40 Rev. Jim Cheung
2012-06-17 MB Confession of Faith: Article 15 “Stewardship” The Giver, the Gifts, the Gifted Luke 12:42-48 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2012-06-10 Enter Into the Joy of Your Master Matthew 25:14-30 Pastor Matthew Todd mp3
2012-06-03 Galatians (3) Not From Man, But From God Galatians 2:1-10 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-05-27 God’s Kingdom! Matthew 13:44-46 Pastor Dave Swan mp3
2012-05-20 MB Confession of Faith: Article 14 “Sanctity of Human Life” Life is God’s Sacred Gift Psalm 139:13-18 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2012-05-13 Galatians (2) Crisis and Calling Galatians 1:11-24 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-05-06 Galatians (1) No Other Gospel Galatians 1:1-10 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-04-29 How Do the Suffering Pray? Psalm 22 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2012-04-22 First Love Revelation 2:1-7 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-04-15 MB Confession of Faith: Article 13 “Love and Nonviolence” Peacemaking – The “Third Way” of Christ Matthew 5:38-48 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2012-03-25 Who Is Your Neighbour? Luke 10:25-37 Pastor David Swan mp3
2012-03-11 Unceasing Worship (5) Abiding in Christ’s Love (II) John 15:9-17 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-03-04 Renewing Our Relationship With God Rev. Isaac Quan mp3
2012-02-26 We Are All Sowers of God’s Word Luke 8:4-8 Pastor David Swan mp3
2012-02-19 MB Confession of Faith: Article 11 “Marriage, Singleness, and Family” The Two Ways of Experiencing Family 1 Corinthians 7:8-11 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2012-02-12 Unceasing Worship (4) Abiding in Christ’s Love John 15:1-17 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-02-05 Unceasing Worship (3) Surrender 1 Kings 17:8-16, Romans 12:1-2 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-01-29 Let the Rebuilding Start Haggai 1:1-15 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2012-01-22 Unceasing Worship (2) Transformation Isaiah 6:1-13 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-01-15 MB Confession of Faith: Article 10 “Discipleship” Discipleship Mark 2:13-17 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2012-01-08 Unceasing Worship (1) Idols 1 Samuel 8:1-19 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2012-01-01 New Beginnings Isaiah 43:16-21 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
Date Sermon Series Title Scripture Speaker AudioDownload
2011-12-04 What Christmas is All About – Adoption Gal. 4:4-6 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2011-11-27 With God are Storms, a Tempest in a Teapot Matt. 8:23-27 Rev. Matthew Todd mp3
2011-11-20 Where is Your Focus for Life? 2 Cor. 4:16-18 Tony Schmidt mp3
2011-11-13 Journey of Blessings Ps. 67 Esther Van Wijk mp3
2011-11-06 N/A
2011-10-30 Why Live Spiritually Depleted? Matt. 17:14-21 Rev. Matthew Todd mp3
2011-10-23 Why Prayer Works Luke 11:1-13 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2011-10-16 N/A
2011-10-09 N/A
2011-10-02 Who Is Jesus Colossians 1:15–23 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2011-09-25 Transformation & Community Romans 12:1–21 Rev. Jim Cheung mp3
2011-09-18 Who Is My Neighbour Luke 10:25–37 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2011-09-11 A Risky Mission! Acts 20:22–24 Rev. Miller Zhuang mp3
2011-09-04 Move Forward 2 Samuel 5:1–25 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2011-08-28 Servant Leadership in the Home John 13:3–5 Pastor David Swan mp3
2011-08-21 Christ and Christ Crucified – It’s All We Need to Know 1 Corinthians 1:18 – 2:5 Pastor Keith Cheung mp3
2011-08-14 Kingdom Partnerships Romans 12:3–8 Mr. Ian Lau mp3
2011-08-07 How to Pray for Our Church Ephesians 3:14–21 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2011-07-31 mp3
2011-07-24 mp3
2011-07-17 mp3
2011-07-10 Volunteer or Servant? 2 Timothy 3:14–17; 2:15 Mr. John Skelton mp3
2011-07-03 Joint Service (三項感恩同讚頌﹒十個方向齊盡忠) Dr. David Chan mp3
2011-06-26 MB Confession of Faith: Article 9 “Lord’s Supper” The Communion Cross Matthew 26:26–29 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-06-19 Role of a Father Ephesians 6:4 Pastor David Swan mp3
2011-06-05 MB Confession of Faith: Article 8 “Christian Baptism” A Bride in Shining Armour Romans 6:1–7 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-05-29 Motive For Missions Ezekiel 33:1–6 Dr. Randall Mah mp3
2011-05-22 MB Confession of Faith: Article 7 “Mission of the Church” Megawatt Lighthouse Matthew 28:18–20; 22:36–39 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-05-15 When Faith Requires Courage Matthew 14:22–36 Rev. Matthew Todd mp3
2011-05-08 MB Confession of Faith: Article 6 “Nature of the Church” A Mutual Company 1 Corinthians 12:20–22 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-05-01 Extreme Makeover Acts 9:1–22 Rev. Isaac Quan mp3
2011-04-24 The Risen King Commissions You! Matthew 28:1–10, 16–20 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2011-04-17 Make Us Proud, Jesus! Matthew 21:7–10; Luke 11:27–28 Rev. Jeff Lee mp3
2011-04-10 “Who is He?” Mark 4:35–41 Miss Eileen Shum mp3
2011-04-03 MB Confession of Faith: Article 5 “Salvation” Total Solution Ephesians 2:1–10 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-03-27 mp3
2011-03-20 Jesus: Greater Than the Angels Hebrews 1:5–9 Mr. Elgin Woo mp3
2011-03-13 MB Confession of Faith: Article 4 “Sin and Evil” What’s Wrong With the World? Romans 5:12–14 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-03-06 What You See Is Not What You Get 1 Samuel 17 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2011-02-27 How to Respond to the Question, “So, What Do You Do?” Philippians 3:1–11 Pastor Brian Pankratz mp3
2011-02-20 MB Confession of Faith: Article 3 “Creation and Humanity” Creation Matters to God Psalm 8 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-02-13 Spiritual Journey GPS Exodus 13:17–22 Rev. Leo Chia mp3
2011-02-06 Jesus – VIP Guest? John 2:1–11 Miss Eileen Shum mp3
2011-01-30 MB Confession of Faith: Article 2 “Revelation of God” God Is Not Silent 2 Timothy 3:14–17 Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-01-23 Rethinking the Great Commission: Cross Cultural & Lay Missions Matthew 28:18–20, Acts 1:8 Rev. Philip Leung mp3
2011-01-16 Difficult Love 2 Corinthians 4:5–7 Pastor Brian Pankratz mp3
2011-01-09 MB Confession of Faith: Article 1 “God” What a Mighty God We Serve! Dr. Marcus Tso mp3
2011-01-02 Following the Good Shepherd John 10:1–21 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
Date Title Scripture Speaker AudioDownload
2010-12-26 What’s New About This Christmas? Luke 2:8–20 Rev. David Chan mp3
2010-12-19 The Trouble with Christmas Matt 1:18–25 Pastor Brian Pankratz mp3
2010-12-12 Uncommon Unity Philippians 1:3–11 Rev. Tom Ford mp3
2010-12-05 “Who Has the Right to Throw the First Stone?” John 8:1–11 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2010-11-28 Can You Imagine? Hebrews 1:1–3 Mr. Elgin Woo mp3
2010-11-21 Unity in Christ Ephesians 6 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-11-07 Walk in Love Ephesians 5 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-10-31 Who Am I? Ephesians 2:10 Pastor Zion Wu mp3
2010-10-24 Should Christians Participate in Halloween? Ephesians 6:12 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-10-17 The Conduct of Believer Ephesians 4 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-10-02 Doubting Thomas? John 20:19–31 Mr. Anson Ann mp3
2010-09-26 When God Seems Distant Isaiah 8:17 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2010-08-22 mp3
2010-06-13 mp3
2010-05-09 An Extraordinary Mother Pastor Teresa Lam mp3
2010-05-02 Why Not Join God’s Rescue Team Matthew 28:19 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-04-25 Personal Words 1 Corinthians 16:1–24 Pastor Lawrence Cheung mp3
2010-04-18 The Gift We Refuse Mark 2:23–28 Pastor Robert Bahr mp3
2010-04-11 Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15:1–34 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-03-28 Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1–11, Mark 11:1–11, Luke 19:29–38, John 12:13–26 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-03-21 Spiritual Gifts 1 Corinthians 12:1–31 Pastor Lawrence Cheung mp3
2010-03-14 Behavior of Christians During the Lord’s Supper 1 Corinthians 11:17–26 Pastor Amdy Hy mp3
2010-03-07 Freedom & Temptation 1 Corinthians 10:1 – 11:1 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2010-02-28 Freedom & Right 1 Corinthians 8:1 – 9:27 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-02-21 Marriage 1 Corinthians 7:1–40 Pastor Lawrence Cheung mp3
2010-02-07 Dealing With Immorality 1 Corinthians 5:1–13 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2010-01-31 Apostles of Christ 1 Corinthians 4:1–21 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-01-24 Fleshly and Spiritual Attitudes 1 Corinthians 3:1–23 Pastor David Swan mp3
2010-01-17 True Wisdom 1 Corinthians 2:6–16 Pastor Lawrence Cheung mp3
2010-01-03 Don’t Give-up on the Church! 1 Corinthians 1:1–9 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
Date Title Scripture Speaker AudioDownload
2009-12-20 mp3
2009-11-08 mp3
2009-10-18 mp3
2009-10-04 mp3
2009-09-27 mp3
2009-09-20 mp3
2009-09-13 mp3
2009-09-06 mp3
2009-08-30 mp3
2009-08-16 mp3
2009-08-09 mp3
2009-08-02 The Discipline of Service: Being a Willing Servant Deuteronomy 15:12–18 Rev. Xavier Law mp3
2009-07-26 mp3
2009-07-19 mp3
2009-07-12 mp3
2009-07-05 mp3
2009-06-28 mp3
2009-06-21 mp3
2009-06-14 mp3
2009-05-31 mp3
2009-05-24 mp3
2009-05-17 mp3
2009-05-10 mp3
2009-05-03 mp3
2009-04-05 “Being a Disciple” Series: Be in the World but Not of the World John 15:18 – 16:4 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2009-03-29 “Being a Disciple” Series: Who Washes Your Feet John 13:1–17 Pastor Ian Lau mp3
2009-03-15 “Being a Disciple” Series: Unlimiting God John 11:17–37 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2009-03-08 “Being a Disciple” Series: Sheep Crossing John 10:1–21 Mr. Raymond Leung mp3
2009-03-01 “Being a Disciple” Series:Blind Man’s Bluff John 9:1–41 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2009-02-22 “Being a Disciple” Series:The Christ Controversy John 7:25–44 Miss Soo Loh mp3
2009-02-01 “Being a Disciple” Series:Well Spoken John 4:27–38 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2009-01-18 “Being a Disciple” Series:Less is More John 3:22–36 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2009-01-11 “Being a Disciple” Series:Just Add Water John 2:1–25 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2009-01-04 “Being a Disciple” Series:The First Disciples John 1:35–51 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
Date Title Scripture Speaker AudioDownload
2008-12-21 Advent Series “Christmas in the City”: Peace Be with You Isaiah 9:2–7 Mr. Raymond Leung mp3
2008-12-14 Advent Series “Christmas in the City”: The Joy of Anna Luke 2:36–38 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-12-07 Advent Series “Christmas in the City”: The Hope of Simeon Luke 2:25–32 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-11-23 Missions Conference: Created to Shine Philippians 2:14–18 Mr. Sam Dick mp3
2008-11-09 Missions Emphasis Month: God of the Strangers Joshua 2:2–13 Miss Soo Loh mp3
2008-11-02 “Outflow Message” Series: Praise ‘n’ Worship Sunday John 13:1–17 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-10-19 “Outflow Message” Series: We’re Sent to Love the World John 17:13–19 Mr. Raymond Leung mp3
2008-10-12 “Outflow Message” Series: Extravagantly Outward Luke 15:1–10 Pastor Lawrence Cheung mp3
2008-10-05 “Outflow Message” Series:A Multitude of Kisses John 4:47–53 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-09-28 “Outflow Message” Series:Fill ‘er Up John 14:8–9 Mr. Raymond Leung mp3
2008-09-21 “Outflow Message” Series:A Life Overflowing John 4:13–15 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-09-14 Walk Thru the Bible:New Testament (Session I) Rev. Bill Hale mp3
2008-09-07 “The Disciples’ Prayer” Series: In the Face of Spiritual Warfare Matthew 6:13 Miss Eunice Chung mp3
2008-08-31 “The Disciples’ Prayer” Series: Forgive as the LORD Forgave You Matthew 6:12 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-08-24 “The Disciples’ Prayer” Series Matthew 6:11 Pastor Lawrence Cheung mp3
2008-08-17 “The Disciples’ Prayer” Series: Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done… Matthew 6:10 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-08-10 “The Disciples’ Prayer” Series: What’s in a Name? Matthew 6:9 Mr. Raymond Leung mp3
2008-08-03 “Do Fish Know When They’re Wet?” Series Colossians 4:1–18 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-07-27 “Do Fish Know When They’re Wet?” Series Colossians 3:1–25 Pastor Sherman Lau mp3
2008-07-13 “Do Fish Know When They’re Wet?” Series Colossians 2:1–30 Mr. Raymond Leung mp3
2008-07-06 “Do Fish Know When They’re Wet?” Series Colossians 1:1–29 Pastor Lawrence Cheung mp3