7 Mar 2014

Thank You Letter from Pueto La Cruz, Venezuela (Chinese Evangelical Cross Church)

Posted by Joanna



Thanks to PG for care, support and prayers for us. May the Grace and Love of the Lord Jesus together with you.

By God’s Grace, Rev. Xavier and Brother Yuen arrived safely to Pt. La Cruz together with Rev. Nip on Feb. 20th. During the day, they visited brothers, sisters and Chinese non-believers. Rev. Xavier led a bible study through the book of Ephesians with adults in the evening.  Because brother Yuen could speak Spanish, he led a discipleship training with local-born youths.

In the morning of the Sunday Feb. 23rd, Rev. Xavier baptized six brothers and sisters in the Caribbean Sea and led the Sunday Service in the afternoon.

In the past few years, there has been no permanent shepherd for our Church. Frequently Rev. Nip visited from Caracas to help and guide us, which provided us a lot of support.  Other than that, some deacons and Western pastors take turns preaching.  There are about 50 persons attending our Sunday Service. Pray that God will send a shepherd to us soon. Since 1990, we have borrowed the site from a Western Church for gathering. Now, we are looking for a suitable church site.

Recently, political situation is tense and economic conditions are difficult in Venezuela. Violent anti-government protests are ongoing. Crime threat level is critical. Thanks to Rev. Xavier and brother Yuen, they made their trip to visit and teach us under such critical moments.  May the Lord remember their hard work and labor of love. Once again, thank you for your support and prayers. May the Lord bless!

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